How to use our PDF Sewing Patterns

After you’ve purchased a PDF pattern from Nerida Hansen, you will receive an email with a Download link to access your PDF pattern zip file which includes; A4 print at home pdf, A4 Instruction booklet, Key to printing, Print/Copy shop files. 
You will have 10 attempts to download your PDF pattern and your link will be active for 30 days. After that your link will expire. 
Please note: By purchasing any of our PDF patterns, you agree that they are for personal use only. Download links and our PDF patterns are not to be shared under any circumstances. 


When you open your zip file for the pattern you have purchased you will see that you have received:

  1. PATTERN in large format version (for printing at PRINT/COPY SHOP)

*if it is multiple pages on different sized sheets – for example the pattern may be across an A1 and an A0 sheet there will be two separate files with sheet size detailed on the file


*if it is multiple pages on the same sized sheet the pages will be within the one file

  1. PATTERN on A4 pages (suitable to print on any A4 printer)

            (the file name indicates the number of A4 pages in the file)

this pattern must be accurately printed on A4 pages, cut and stuck together following the PRINT AT HOME KEY – the best way to think about this is that the full scale pattern has been cut up into small rectangles that must be stuck back together

*NB this is a process that requires patience and accuracy – pattern testers have taken at least 30mins start to finish to piece together the A4 pieces of the pattern

  1. PRINT AT HOME KEY (suitable to print on any A4 printer)
  1. ORDER OF WORK (suitable to print on any A4 printer or read on an ipad/tablet screen)

(the file name will indicate the number of A4 pages in the file)

The files you have received allow you to print your pattern and instructions at home or at your nearest print/copy shop.  The most important thing to remember when printing sewing patterns is that you need them to be at the scale intended.  Many printers will automatically attempt to scale the file to fit paper size.  The first page of every PRINT AT HOME A4 version of the pattern has a test scale box so that you can print only the first page of the file and measure the box with a ruler or measuring tape to check you have everything right before printing the whole multi A4 page file. The large format AO or A1 pattern also have test scale boxes to check before you leave the print/copy shop. 

When you print at home (or get the print shop to print for you)  it is imperative that you ensure you (or they) check that you are printing at 100% of original scale (this could also mean selecting the DO NOT SCALE option)  in the print dialog box.  It is also important to ensure that the paper size aligns with the paper size requirements in the file name (eg. A4, A1, A0) 

If you’ve opted to print your pattern on an A4 paper you will also need to print the PRINT AT HOME KEY which gives you a quick reference to see how the numbered/lettered pages go together.

The best method for assembling the pattern is

  1. very neatly cut the right border and bottom border off each page in the top row of pages. Then using a glue stick or sticky tape (magic tape or masking tape is best) to carefully align the pages using the pattern lines and grey arrows with letters to match the pages accurately together.
  2. Row by row, very neatly cut off the right border and bottom borders of any subsequent rows of pages and stick them together as shown on PRINT AT HOME key
  3. Once the rows are individually assembled, you can join the rows together along their horizontal edge using the grey arrows with numbers to match the pages accurately together.
  4. Once the pattern is fully assembled you can proceed as you would have had you received the pattern on a large A0 or A1 page. You can either cut the pieces out along the required size line or trace off the size you require.
  5. When taping the pattern together ensure that you tape across any pattern lines and where corners of A4 pages meet. It’s otherwise best not to leave more than a couple of centimetres between taping so that pattern stays together well should you choose to cut the pieces out rather than trace them off.

You can print the sewing instructions out on A4 paper or easily view them on an ipad or tablet, laptop or even your phone